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Local/Regional Placement Consortia

The Consortia represent the coordinated efforts of many organizations in your community that share the goal of helping you find the right person for the job in the timeframe you require - anywhere in New York State.

Visit the Placement Consortia Directory PDF (963 KB)

The Consortia Directory and Map offers employers an easily accessible online directory of local resources to find qualified employees with disabilities.

Placement Consortia Directory Summary  PDF (726 KB)  |  TEXT (13 KB)

The Placement Consortia Directory Summary briefly describes the results of an information gathering effort about the placement consortia that serve, in part, to connect employers in New York with sources of potential employees with disabilities.

The benefits to companies working with their local Consortium include:

These valuable, local resources are at your fingertips. Select a county on the map or on the drop down list to connect with the consortium that serves your area.

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