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Education and Special Education

Self-Enrichment Teachers

Self-Enrichment Teachers provide instruction to children and adults on a wide variety of subjects. Classes taught are often either taken for fun or for self improvement. An example of the classes taught include cooking, personal finance skills, time management skills, pottery, photography, painting, singing, playing a musical instrument, and learning a foreign language. Classes usually do not lead to a degree but can provide the student with useful job skills such as knowing how to speak a foreign language.

Classes tend to be short in duration lasting anywhere from 1 to 2 days or several weeks. Some teachers, such as singing or music teachers, work with the same student on a weekly basis for years.

Self-enrichment teachers must stay current in their field and prepare lesson plans for each class. Since attendance is voluntary in these classes most students who attend are highly motivated to learn, although patience is required when teaching younger children.  Many self–enrichment teachers are employed full time in other occupations and teach self-enrichment courses so that they can share their passion with others.


How to Obtain:

Aspiring self–enrichment teachers are not required to obtain a certain level of education, nor do any states require professional certification of them. Many self-enrichment teachers, however, are able to demonstrate expertise in their field through work they have produced which they document in a portfolio. Others self–enrichment teachers do have degrees in areas that they teach courses in, such as art or music.