Self Help Tools for New Yorkers with Disabilities

  • The Nuts and Bolts of Great Business Plans - Part I   PDF (575 KB)   |   HTML (37 KB)
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Great Business Plans - Part II   PDF (275 KB)   |   HTML (20 KB)
  • Getting a 2nd Chance: A Guide for People Who Have Had Legal Problems   PDF (722 KB)  |  TEXT (9 KB)
  • How to Navigate the Medicaid Buy-In Application Process   PDF (402 KB)  |  TEXT (9 KB)
  • Surviving a Continuing Disability Review: What To Expect When SSA Conducts A CDR  PDF (361 KB)  |  TEXT (12 KB)
  • Medicaid & Work: Keeping Your Medicaid While You Work  PDF (270 KB)   |  TEXT (9 KB)
  • Earned Income Tax Credit: How to Use the Tax Credit to Build Assets  PDF (312 KB)  |  TEXT (9 KB)
  • Ticket to Work: Choosing the Right Employment Network  PDF (400 KB)  |  TEXT (8 KB)
  • Medicaid Buy-In for Working People with Disabilities: Frequently Asked Questions  PDF (281 KB)  |  TEXT (9 KB)
  • Plan for Achieving Self Support: How You Can Use PASS to Grow Your Assets  PDF (324 KB)  |  TEXT (7 KB)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI): Calculating the Impact of Earnings on Benefits Supplemental Security Income  PDF (343 KB)  |  TEXT (13 KB)
  • Reporting Your Earnings to Avoid Overpayments: Strategies for Navigating the Income Reporting Process  PDF (412 KB)  |  TEXT (9 KB)
  • Glossary of SSA Disability Programs and Related Terms  PDF (635 KB)   |   HTML (70 KB)

Tools for Employers and Industry

  • Assessing and Comparing Business Practices for Increasing a Productive Workforce: How Does Your Company's "Culture" Affect the Bottom Line? PDF (1239 KB)  |  TEXT (14 KB)
  • Effective Business Practices for Increasing a Productive Workforce: Creating a Corporate Culture to Improve Your Organization's Bottom Line PDF (1242 KB)  |  TEXT (12 KB)
  • New York State Placement Consortia Map and Directory

Tools for Service Providers

  • BeneQual
    The Benequal Organizational Assessment is an appraisal and planning process designed to assess efficacy of services and supports delivered by benefits and work incentives assistance programs and the extent to which these programs are managed effectively. The process outlined in this online tool is based on a fidelity scale for providers of benefits and work incentives planning and assistance and drawn from management criterion and instruments developed, utilized and refined over the past decade in the United States and reflect validated, leading-edge management practices against-representing a common language for communication among projects and organizations for sharing best practices.
  • WorkQual
    WorkQual is an organizational assessment tool designed to assist community rehabilitation programs, work centers and affirmative businesses serving individuals with disabilities, evaluate the quality of their vocational rehabilitation services, and their effectiveness in facilitating integrated employment outcomes for the consumers they serve. Based on internationally recognized quality management principles, WorkQual will help users assess their current performance, establish baselines, identify areas for enhancement, and develop strategic transformation plans and evaluate outcomes.
  • Simply Speaking Inclusive Entrepreneurship Guidelines for SBDC Advisors    PDF (2593 KB)   |   TEXT (138 KB)
  • Reports on High Growth Occupations in New York State

    • Community and Social Services:  PDF (169 KB)  |   TEXT (2 KB)
    • Business and Financial Operations:  PDF (174 KB)  |   TEXT (2 KB)
    • Career in Computers:  PDF (162 KB)  |   TEXT (2 KB)
    • Early or Special Education:  PDF (169 KB)  |   TEXT (2 KB)
    • Healthcare Practitioner or Technician:  PDF (166 KB)  |   TEXT  (3 KB)
    • Healthcare Support:  PDF (167 KB)  |   TEXT (2 KB)
    • Food Preparation or Serving:  PDF (160 KB)  |   TEXT (2 KB)
    • Personal Care or Service:  PDF (171 KB)  |   TEXT (2 KB)
    • Sales or Related Positions:  PDF (160 KB)  |   TEXT (2 KB)
    • Construction or Extraction:  PDF (162 KB)  |   TEXT (3 KB)
    • Complete Report: High Growth Occupations in New York State  PDF (301 KB)  |   TEXT (14 KB)

    Tools for Policy Makers

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