I am a New Yorker with a disability, and I want to:
Find services in New York State

This disability services portal was developed to ensure that any person with a disability could quickly and easily identify services and other supports in New York State that might support them in moving toward employment. The service calculator does not determine eligibility but will generate a report of various agencies that may be able to provide services and supports to assist an individual with a disability in going to work.

To take the first step in learning more about what agencies may be able to assist in employment, click on the calculator to your right. It will assist you in telling us more about yourself or an individual with a disability you work with so that we can identify those agencies and organizations that best match your needs.

Who is it for?
The calculator is for any New Yorker with a disability interested in understanding what disability-related services that are available.

How long will it take?
Using the calculator will take you less than five minutes and will automatically generate a report of agencies and organizations to consider.

Will my information be kept private?
YES. No information entered in the calculator is saved and your responses are completely confidential. It will NOT be shared with anyone.

Calculate Your Services

Click all that apply, and click "Calculate Services" when finished.

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