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Employer Tutorial Contents

This tutorial consists of the following ten sections:

  1. Are you ready for the workforce of tomorrow?
  2. Making connections: Your business strategy and your people practices
  3. Identifying your human resource challenges
  4. Your diversity practices: Are people with disabilities included?
  5. Hiring practices: Spotting talent in all its faces
  6. The 3 P's of reasonable accommodation: Performance, productivity and preventing turnover
  7. Sending the right message; connecting to customers
  8. Getting creative: Innovative practices for a disability-inclusive workforce
  9. It's also about the law: The Basics of ADA in the workplace
  10. You're not alone: The New York Business Leadership Network, Incentives and Resources

Each section contains the following four parts:

  1. Why this? Why now?
    An overview of trends and emerging issues
  2. Assessment Survey
    A tool to assess your organization's practices
  3. Getting Farther Along the Road
    Consider these strategies
  4. Resources

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